Solar Installation

Our CEC accredited electricians can look after all of your solar needs from installations, upgrades and maintenance servicing. At Dynamic Solar and Electrical, we offer a full energy assessment to tailor a system to your needs. In today’s market, you can install solar at a very affordable price but unfortunately that does not always come with quality. At Dynamic Solar and Electrical we only offer high quality material and systems to avoid continual warranty issues and to ensure you have a reliable, running system to receive your full energy savings.


Are you Battery Ready? - Hybrid Inverters

Dynamic Solar and Electrical can provide battery ready, hybrid inverters. It gives you the potential to combine energy storage with a grid connection. It can enable you to store energy you generate during the day and use it at night instead of feeding it back to the grid.


What Size System do I Need? 

How many kilowats (Kw) of power do you use each quarter?

Check your bill and let us know! We can let you know what size system would suit your power usage?

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